Click on the button "⚙️" and make various settings under the "General" tab.

Play idle motions

It plays a random waiting motion. Recommended when you want to use it with tracking disabled.

Optimize meshes

It automatically combines parts of the avatar's mesh, reducing the load on rendering the avatar. It's usually recommended to keep this ON. However, if there are issues with the avatar display, please turn it OFF.

Convert VRM 0.x to VRM 1.x

It automatically converts VRM0.x series avatars to VRM1.0 series. This setting will always be enabled in the future. Even with this setting ON, we recommend creating a model that can load in the 0.x series or preparing a 1.0 series model. If you can't adjust the model immediately, please turn it OFF.

Flip screen of the virtual camera

Turn this ON if the virtual camera screen appears flipped horizontally.

Add icon in macOS menu bar

Even when VCam is closed, it remains added to the Mac menu bar. There are advantages to adding it to the Mac menu bar:

  • You don't have to start VCam every time; just launching an app that uses a virtual camera (like OBS or Zoom) will automatically activate the webcam and display the avatar.

  • When you close the app using the virtual camera, the webcam and tracking will stop automatically.

If you want to exit the app without adding it to the menu bar, please turn it OFF.


You can select a language. Currently, it supports Japanese and English.

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