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If you find an issue that isn't listed below, I'd appreciate it if you could contact us via the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of VCam.


Version 0.2.2 - Latest

  • Lip sync might stop working when connecting a microphone like AirPods while VCam is running.

    • Solution: Please re-select the lip sync mode after connecting the microphone. Alternatively, restart VCam.

  • The camera's smile detection accuracy is low.

    • Solution: Microphone-based detection is more accurate, so I recommend selecting the microphone for lip sync mode.

  • Combining the expression button with blinking and lip motion can distort the expression.

    • Solution: When creating the blend shape for the VRM file, make sure that combining A and Blink with other expressions won't cause distortions.

  • Screen flickers in Zoom.

    • Solution: Reduce the camera's FPS or screen FPS in settings. (It's possible that the tracking or screen update processing isn't keeping up.)

Past Issues

Version 0.2.1

  • The app crashes on devices without a built-in camera, like the Mac mini.

Version 0.1.2 - 0.2.0

  • The screen goes blank when resizing the window.

    • Solution: Repeated resizing might display the screen. Until it's fixed, please use it at that screen size.

  • The avatar's position might occasionally be off the screen when starting the app.

    • Solution: Press the "move to initial position" button.

  • Camera tracking might occasionally not work.

    • Solution: Turn off the camera use in settings, then turn it back on.

Version 0.1.0 - 0.1.1

  • The app might occasionally freeze, or crash upon closing.

  • The video might freeze when invoking the virtual camera in browser functions like Google Meet.

    • Solution: Use another virtual camera like OBS's to relay this app's video.

  • Camera tracking might not work on the initial startup.

    • Solution: Please restart the app.

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